When Nana Gladys said "Ill be honest with ya. I love Jesus but I drink a little" it sent Ellen into a sweet fit of uncontrolled laughter! Ellen said "this is my favorite moment of the show so far!" Since then, our Gladys and Ellen have had many phone calls, including movie reviews, recipes, relationship advice, commentaries about TV shows, and responses to Gladys fan mail. Simply put, when Ellen and Gladys have a conversation it is always memorable and funny as all get out! Nana Gladys gets a big kick out of all this excitement, but is quick to point out, "Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice." She is very clear about her mission to support our charities, especially Meals On Wheels And More of Austin and the Austin Zoo, an animal rescue sanctuary. As Nana says "Honey you gotta pay it forward! Ya cant take it with ya!" Percentages of sales from Gladys Hardy CDs and merchandise are gladly shared with these two amazing organizations. Thank you for helping make all this happen, and thank you for being a friend to our Nana Gladys! She has made our family laugh for years and we are grateful that she can be shared with yours! Keep On Keepin On!
  "I Love Jesus, But I Drink A Little"
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