Never a boring act. Always on and lovin every minute of it Biography Grew up in West Texas- cattle and horses all around. Understood hardship at a young age. Knew I could sing in the 6th grade because my friends said I could hold their attention and my music teacher, Mrs Powell said I was talented. Recorded my first songs on a 45 and throught I had arrived. Soon I realized I had just cracked the giant surface. Lots of heart ach and pain along the way but what I've learned about the stage and life Ib would only change my marriage to my wife Dana. My sons mom. She was a wonderful women. Later did I know my son Tyler would create desire after he heard my full 10 song album. He was always hang'in with dad at the gig. Now he is on the stage and writing songs that are amazing and true to form. I'm still singing and will always have a tune in my heart. I've traveled the world singing songs and meeting people. Love the talent God has blessed me with. I've always had a deep love for pop music and now I'm considering on stepping into that relm and seeing how the ship sail. Music. It always finds you out.
  "When you dance with me"
"I will be there"
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