Massage Kneads has the objective of providing chair massage relief with our licensed massage therapists in organizational settings. All clients are fully-clothed as they simply sit in the massage chair while our therapists work on their upper body and lower back; including the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands in 15 or 20 minute increments. Our purpose is to become a part of an employee wellness program in which the parent organization asks us to come on a regular basis. We have been blessed in our short existence to serve such organizations as DISD, Texas Institute for Surgery, Touchstone Imaging Centers, Southwest Airlines, Mario Sinacola & Sons, Collin College, The Springs Wedding Venue, The I DO Girl Wedding Events, and many others. Our prices are competitive starting at $1.50 to $2/minute, minimum two therapists for two hours. We offer companies one complimentary hour called First Impression, followed by a proposal for ongoing services. Since there is so much research proving that just by receiving a 15 minute chair massage on a regular basis reduces office stress and improves productivity, our demands to serve are ever-increasing! Therefore, remember Massage Kneads for corporate events favoring employee appreciation and for corporate wellness programs! We are also the most popular choice for weddings to help reduce bridal stress. At Massage Kneads, it feels great to be kneaded!

Massage Kneads