Sylvester Stallone/Rocky/Rambo performer Jade Roberts was told by a friend that he looked like this guy in a boxing movie in 1976. In 1980, Jade won his first look-alike contest as Sylvester Stallone. In 1986 Jade traveled to Italy, Chile and had a guest starring role on Bruce Willis’ T.V. show “Moonlighting”. “It was strictly biceps, triceps, and brawn. He looked big, he looked broad, he looked Ram Tough…. Could it be Sylvester Stallone? No, ladies, it’s Jade Roberts.” (Dallas Times Herald) The next 30 years have been filled with tribute performances as Sly Stallone and his iconic characters “Rocky” Balboa and Rambo! And now “Barney Ross”. Jade has promoted Stallone’s Movies for Warner Brothers Pictures in Hollywood and done other appearances around the world. Jade was considered for stand in work for the latest “ Rocky Balboa”, in Las Vegas. Sony Pictures then commissioned two ad agencies to submit movie posters for the film using Jade as the model! Lionsgate Films hired Jade to promote the video release of “Rambo”4. Jade was featured in a look-alike reality show for ABC called “The Next Best Thing” Jade starred in a feature with Mickey Rooney called “Bamboo Shark “for Mental Ward Films as Rambo. He has performed all over the country at “Fight Night” charity events and “Hollywood Casinos”. . Jade has been the #1 Stallone performer ever and has the ability to sound like and create that “Rocky” image like no other! He has extensive experience in all mediums and types of performing. Jade is currently being booked as Stallone’s latest character “Barney Ross” in the hit movie series “The Expendables” . *Jade is featured as Stallone/Barney Ross and the lead “Expendable” in a parody of the hit blockbuster “The Hunger Games”. “The Starving Games” is now out on DVD everywhere! Finally, he reached the pinnacle for a celebrity look-alike when he was flown out to the set to be Sly’s boxing double for the movie “Grudge Match” co-starring Robert Deniro.

Sylvester Stallone