This Mariachi group consists of young, talented individuals with several years of experience in the music industry, such as skills in performing and music theory. With experience from previous bands having participated in, each individual member has a minimum of six years of experience with their musical instrument and a fair background of vocal skills . The instruments that consist in our band are 4 violins, 2 trumpets, a vihuela, a guitar, and a guitarron (bass). Besides being a part of this mariachi band, each member has invested into their future career and are either full-time University/College students or alumni from UT Arlington. We proudly acknowledge our academic achievements and can share that by December 2015, MNE will be the home to 4 Bachelors of Arts degrees and a Bachelors of Science degree. But, by May 2016, an additional 2 Bachelors of Science degrees will be attained by other members, giving the group a total of 7 Bachelors degrees by 2016!

Mariachi Contemporary