From the creators of the Boogie Knights, The M-80s, and The Spazmatics, comes PWE Productions' Metalshop -- an outrageously funny spoof of 1980s Heavy Metal music featuring some of the best musicians in the LA music scene. Although often referred to as a "band," the Metalshop show is actually the brainchild of producers Jamie Brown and Roger Sause, who pick the cast members, perform, sing, and produce the backing tracks, and direct in costuming, choreography, scripted comedy and other "schtick." Since it's debute in 1997, Brown and Sause have expanded the Metalshop show (also performed under the alter ego of "Danger Kitty") into 8 different lineups spread all throughout the country performing hundreds of shows annually. Often copied, but never equalled, the Metalshop show has been pirated by many wannabes who are, in effect, paying tribute to another tribute act! So don't be fooled by imitators! Check your local listings for the next upcoming Metalshop show, and see for yourself that they're younger, taller, skinnier, and funnier than ever!

Metal Shop