Lance Panton is a Dallas based wedding DJ with over 2 decades of experience. He’s performed in weddings and other special events in Las Vegas, Atlanta and Toronto just to name a few; and now calls the DFW area home. He was a member of Superadio’s DJ mixing staff, a radio syndication broadcasting company with weekend radio mixes heard around the world. Lance started mixing on the radio right after high school at age 17 and the same year was even allowed to DJ in over-21 clubs because he didn’t (and still doesn’t) drink alcohol. This trust led to even bigger music events with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Television host Ed Gordon, Jesse Jackson, Doug E Fresh and others. Lance has always had an ear and music collection to please the most diverse audiences. Before there were mp3’s, Lance’s vinyl music collection had a taste of everything. From Bobby Brown to Bon Jovi or Frank Sinatra to Tears for Fears; Lance had it all and played it all. The dilemma was often trying to figure out how many records could reasonably be carried to one event. Now with the convenience of computer based music collections, everybody’s favorites from any genre are just a few keystrokes away from filling the dance floor. Lance was born in DC and raised in Augusta, Georgia. Starting out as such a young DJ, Lance was often the first choice of classmates and radio fans alike when it was time for them to get married. Seeing Lance behind the turntables in Augusta or Atlanta was a common occurrence at several weddings and events for 10 years running. In 1998, Lance relocated to Detroit to further his radio career. Now Lance expanded his musical knowledge by being in the home of The Motown Sound for nearly 15 years before finally relocating to Dallas in 2014. When not DJing an event, Lance enjoys cooking for his wife and friends on the grill and producing radio commercials and voiceovers from his recording studio.