Robb is The Change Orchestrator. His primary goal and sincere passion is to empower your event attendees and participants to become Change Conductors of their own. As an amazing speaker and keynote artist, Robb does just that. Hailing from Austin, TX, and with a verve to match his city’s unique and adventurous spirit, he delivers a rousing presentation that has been described as “masterful storytelling, comedic genius, and some well placed tunes,” that “bring practical insights and real solutions that produce powerful results in a highly engaging way.” In fact, you and your audience will be so entertained, you’ll nearly forget that you are being instilled with life changing principles that will powerfully impact your professional and personal lives. With an innovative approach, Robb has spent the last 18 years catalyzing transformative works in every sector of business, from pro-profit to non. Whether speaking at a conference, coaching an entrepreneur, or climbing the United Kingdom’s 3 Highest Mountains with his daughter (for an amazing cause), Robb draws from his life experience as a business owner, an adventurer, musician, activist, philanthropist, husband, and father to deliver presentations that are both memorable and motivational. Robb will use the instrument of his guitar along with a savvy perspective to give you a few navigational instruments of your own in creating positive change and coping with it when it's UN-Welcomed. His music-based metaphors keep all things engaging while syncing up to innovative, practical strategies for positive outcomes in much the same way that a great harmony supports a strong melody. These principles work for anyone, in any career, always. A captivating motivational speaker and an innovative thought leader, Robb’s universal and versatile message is a perfect fit for any organization.

Musical Motivational Speaker- Robb