Experience Led Zeppelin: The Hindenburg Project "Taking all of the risks of covering the great Robert Plant, this band just doesn’t miss. Their sound is one of the most authentic to Led Zeppelin that we have come across." - Deadhead Productions The Hindenburg Project does what very few Led Zeppelin tribute bands do - Perform accurate (live) versions of the beloved studio recordings with an attention to detail that honors Zeppelin’s musical legacy. The Dallas-based band has performed at various venues, festivals, clubs, and events across Texas as well as the southwest including the Dallas House of Blues, Lubbock’s historic Cactus Theater, and Arkansas’ Byrdfest 7 & 8 establishing them as one of the top tribute bands. “If Zeppelin is your band or if you are a real classic rock fan- look no further. The Hindenburg Project is sure to take you back to Zeppelin's glory days.” - Dallas House of Blues The appeal of Led Zeppelin transcends generations and Zeppelin tribute bands continue to be in high demand, especially great ones. A great Zeppelin tribute band starts with not only a great vocalist, but one that can actually sound like Robert Plant. Then you must have the caliber of musicians capable of taking on the legendary musicianship of Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. "I'm amazed at the sound you guys are able to reproduce with just the four of you. I've never heard the studio Zeppelin performed live that well... please give your guitar player a pat on the back for me, you can tell just by listening to him play that he's very talented -- and he's definitely done his homework as well!" -George Grexa (owner of Acoustic USA Bass Amps and Cabinets) Since 2011 The Hindenburg Project have trekked across Texas and the southwest perfecting their show while performing venues ranging from intimate club settings, House of Blues events, and larger venues all the way up to festival crowds in the thousands. The testimonials, experience, and reputation for reproducing the sound of Led Zeppelin make The Hindenburg Project one of the premier Zeppelin tribute bands in the U.S.

The Hindenburg Project- Led Zeppelin Tribute