Born in Stillwater, Oklahoma,Marty was intrigued with magic at a young age being influenced by Blackstone, Jr., Doug Henning, Mark Wilson, as well as, never missing a program having to do with The Great Houdini. As far as his entertainment influences it was definitely Jerry Lewis and Red Skeleton. Marty was in awe of their talent mainly, with their natural ability to make people laugh. Inspired by a magician Skip Kane in Oklahoma City, Marty began incorporating magic into his act. As a non-speaking entertainer, Marty's performances were enjoyed by all by using only his body movements and facial expressions, a persons nationality was never an issue. His performances included television commercials for businesses in Phoenix, Arizona and Oklahoma City. You could also find him in men shops and malls performing as a mannequin model on roller skates! Marty's agent was getting unbelievable jobs. Marty was performing for guests prior to a performance by B J Thomas at a celebrity fundraiser in Midland, Texas, when he was noticed by Mae Axton. She was not only the mother of Hoyt Axton a singer and actor, but was also referred to as The Queen Mother of Nashville. Marty's agent and Mae invited Marty to perform in Nashville for an event she was hosting. The following evening, Mae arranged for Marty to perform on the Emmy award winning show Nashville Now. Shortly after returning to Oklahoma, Mae flew Marty to California to perform for Hoyt's birthday celebration. Oklahoma City also held many opportunities for Marty. While performing at Doc Severinsen's club, Marty had the privilege of sharing his magic with Dinah Shore and Johnny Bench. Much to his surprise, Dale Robertson requested Marty's appearance at a private function at his home. At a celebrity classic fashion show, Marty was honored to perform for June Haver, the wife of Fred MacMurray (My Three Sons). He was thrilled to be asked to assist David Copperfield with his Project Magic program teaching therapists to use sleight-of-hand magic in the rehabilitation of patients by helping them regain their dexterity and coordination following an injury or illness. Marty did much traveling performing his Magical Robotic character. He performed for private event and did business promotions and commerce's from Nashville to Florida to Texas. The 80′s were certainly full of excitement for Marty! In 1989, Marty eventually settled in Dallas, Texas where he continues to perform locally for corporate and private functions, as well as, traveling for trade shows, promotions, and special events across the U.S. In 2008, Marty was flown to Cabo San Lucas for a Golf Tournament Award Banquet. As you can see, Marty's appearance has changed in the past 25 years (of which he blames on his wife's good cooking), but his passion for entertaining has remained the same. Robbie has been put to rest, but Marty has evolved into a vocal entertainer allowing his once-silent sense of humor to surface. His comedy and quick wit is a bonus to his polished presentation of magic.

Magician- Marty