Jesse Cain has been talented his entire life. We aren’t counting his first live performance in the 3rd grade where he won 1st place for covering and dancing to Weird AL Yankovic (true story) or his three years in his junior high tenor choir (also true). We aren’t counting his family’s musical roots as professional country singers or even in 4th grade when he attempted to create his own surround sound system (sadly . . . true). We almost count his Rock Band expert status (we know Rock Band isn’t an instrument – but if Jesse could figure out how to make it pay – he wouldn’t have to work any more). What we do consider is all of his musical talent, and his infectious personality to make him one of the best up and coming mobile disc jockeys. He’s also an artist and has won numerous awards for drawing and painting. He has a genuine love of music and with thirteen plus years in the customer service industry – he has a natural ability to take care of his client better than anyone. He is often requested because clients strongly feel that he can take better care of them than anyone else. That says a lot about our Jesse. This Entertainment Specialist will interact with your guests to create a memorable event. An Elite Entertainer has 5 to 6 years of experience with 200 to 300 events under their events. This includes a complete sound system but without the PLUS Package options.