These professional dancers are some of the most talented and in-demand performers in town. Winners of the 2006 International Ahlan Cairo Nights troupe competition, the experienced belly dancers keep up a demanding schedule. Add magic and excitement to your party. These Jewels are a popular professional belly dance troupe in the Dallas-Fort Worth area whom will turn your party into a memorable, family friendly event. Their dance is a gift of joy that they love to share with their audiences. Let these belly dancers allure your guest into their enchanting desert oasis of belly dance. They will be swept away and captivated by the unique spell that will fall over everyone while in their presence. They are fun, festive, exciting and engaging. Your guest will want to dance with them because it is just so much fun. The spectacular performance will include an assortment of dances with the veil, sword, wings, cane, tray of candles, etc.

Belly Dancers