This is the story of a group of friends who enjoyed the music of the Dave Matthews Band in whatever form of arrangement it would happen to be. So much… that it was decided they would put together a Dave Matthews Tribute Band beginning with the task of performing the songs they Loved so much to their truest musical form. “Warehouse” consists of Lead Vocalist and Acoustic Guitarist Brent Burke, who had already been performing for many years at bars, coffee shops and restaurants… the music of the DMB and having an unbelievable identity singing like Dave Matthews himself. The rhythm section of Josh Dutton (Bass) and Bobby Ysaguirre (Drums / Vocals) who were already playing in a previous band for many years and having great chemistry with the styles of funk, jazz, reggae and progressive rock, Doctor Chris Beaty… Woodwind Extraordinaire, percussionist and vocalist, who responded to an ad from the band looking to fill one of the two key positions making up the melodic portion of the group, who is a wizard with the Sax as well as any other Woodwind instrument and Violinist Virtuoso Marek Eneti bringing many years of experience and passion in whatever form of music he comes across.. make up the band “Warehouse” – A Dave Matthews Tribute Band. If you want a Great Show and Love & Appreciate the music of the Dave Matthews Band, were the group to bring it to you!

Warehouse- Dave Matthews Tribute Band