WATUSI is the original, "REGGAE / WORLDBEAT" band in Texas and one of the top reggae / worldbeat groups in the USA, with 10 great players from around the world and based in Dallas,Texas. Now in Costa Rica for winter / tour S. America ! WATUSI is the premier artist on World Beatnik Records, for 30 years a Texas reggae legend, a "worldbeat" pioneer and respected and played worldwide. Winners of numerous Reggae and World Music Awards including 2013 Dallas Music Award for Reggae and.. nominated for the Roots Music Association "Reggae Artist of the Year" . Watusi is a charter member of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide (R.A.W.) A seed from Jamaica, sown by meeting and put on mission by the great Wailer Peter Tosh, was planted in Dallas in 1976, raised in Jamaica in 1981, became Watusi in 1983 and has grown and spread this band and their unique blend of roots Reggae, soca, Afrikan, dancehall and Worldbeat music across America, performing and headlining festivals from the Caribbean to Hawaii, Afrika, Costa Rica, Central America, Asia, Europe and around the world! Watusi is a tribe of 10 world musicians, coming from the Caribbean, U.S.A. and Africa, joining kulcha, life and music together in a true Rasta spirit of international unity, with a "One World, One God, One Love" message and a world of rhythm. 2013 celebrates 30 years of Watusi and the release of their latest CD, "JAM", on World Beatnik Records, has taken the band and their music worldwide. The CD is the 6th release by Watusi and shows great, versatile musicianship and a true diversity of styles: REGGAE - Roots to dancehall, soca, zouk, Afrikan JuJu, Highlife, soukous, Afro-beat, salsa, samba, jazz, funk, gospel, all mixed inna true World Beatnik stylee and riddim. Watusi's "Cool Runner" cd gained airplay worldwide in 106 countries, putting Watusi on the map and reaching new fans and markets around the globe inna One World spirit. Big ups to all the fans and DJ's out there for all the years of love and support! The international response has been outstanding and always positive! After touring with top Reggae and world music festivals, WATUSI just returned from an amazing tour of Costa Rica and Central America, and next will be touring South America - starting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Uruguay, then Carnival in Brasil (!), Venezuela, Trinidad, back thru Costa Rica promoting the new CD to an essential reggae market, and... with a One Love vibe...everytime!!! Selah…


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