Brandon Olds is more than just a Celebrity DJ. He is a lifestyle devotee with a passion for luxe, a deep rooted understanding of a pantheon of cultures, a love for travel and an unyielding desire to transcend the pedestrian moniker of DJ/entertainer to a true connoisseur of amazing experiences – bringing all of this passion to the mixing board when he does it. He is a trailblazer. He loves all things cutting edge. And his dedication to technology is unrivaled. With his 42” LCD Multi-Touch DJ System, he elevates his events to interactive, sensory experiences. His experience is also deep rooted and inspired by his youth. He always had music on and in variety. As an inner-city kid he was inspired by hip-hop music with some rock and country genres tossed into the mix. His latin influence came from his 25 year career in soccer. His thirst for other cultures started young. He even seized his first opportunity at the ripe age of 20 to flee the country to Mexico just because he wanted to. He speaks four languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, and he spends 3 months out of the year traveling the world. He holds residence in many countries, and he holds 2 master’s degrees, 2 bachelor’s degrees and an MBA from Barcelona, Spain.