The members of E6 create the perfect storm of talent and entertainment. Travis and Nadia (American Idol Top 10 Finalist) bring their huge personalities and non-stop energy to the stage every night, while the band creates a wall of sound, perfectly recreating everyone's favorite songs.Their collective experience includes performing for crowds of over 20,000 people, everywhere from Europe to New York, performing for high-profile individuals such as President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair, among others.  Empire 6 specializes in bringing the excitement of today's modern pop arena tours to the smaller stage, and fervently updates their repertoire to always have the most relevant music for today's generation. However, The breadth of talent in Empire 6 gives them a huge palette of musical styles and atmospheres, allowing them to easily flow from early evening styling of Michael Buble, Etta James, and even Coldplay, to traditional party songs from the 70’s and 80’s, and then right into their specialty: today’s modern pop tunes that are currently topping the charts

Empire 6