In the Street Hustler Act Brian flawlessly demonstrates the con games of street gambling. While giving the audience the chance to outwit the operator this interactive presentation entertains as it illustrates. See first hand why so many including World Poker Champions TJ Cloutier, and Phil Helmuth, have been fooled. This informative presentation teaches you to not be taken advantage of by swindles like three card monte and fast & loose. This show is perfect for anyone who thinks they are too smart to be scammed. This act can be a stationary close up act or a stand up act for larger groups.

About Brian Nordstrom:
Brian has been a professional sleight of hand artist for over 20 years performing for audiences around the world. Brian is known for fooling people who thought that they had seen it all, and his Street Hustler Act exemplifies this. Brian is not only a performer but an innovator in Magic, with many of his own tricks on sale world wide. His performances are always fresh and astounding. See why Genii magazine quotes him as being “Revolutionary!”

Street Hustler