Robbins is one of the busiest saxophonists in Dallas splitting his time between everything from playing recording sessions to organizing musical groups for private and public events to teaching at Richland College. His versatility, professionalism and almost 30 years of experience have made him one of the most sought after and well-respected performers in the area. His jazz groups have become very popular for corporate and private events as well as being part of the local jazz club nightlife.The jazz trio and jazz quartet have become two of the most popular groups for events of all types:The jazz trio is an instrumental group including piano, upright acoustic bass and saxophone. It is often favored in small corporate dinners or anywhere a “background” type of musical atmosphere is appropriate.The jazz quartet is augmented by the addition of drums and can accommodate larger groups and a livelier atmosphere, including dancing! This group is especially versatile in handling many styles of music, from older swing to contemporary jazz and pop. This group can also be enlarged with the addition of a vocalist.

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