There are always the tried and true Standard Caricatures shown on the top left. One of the most unique sketches ever, is the Original Butt Sketch pictured on the top right. Or, we now offer the Digital Caricature (shown in the center) which is drawn on an electronic tablet connected to a laptop computer. The drawing is very similar in all ways to the traditional pen and paper except it is projected onto a screen behind the artist and is then printed complete with the guests name printed onto every drawing and/or the host can receive a DVD of all the images! The picture is printed out on an 8x10 glossy or card stock paper with your company logo or event name included. The Fashion Sketch (shown on the bottom) only takes about three minutes, so many guests will have the opportunity to have their great style captured. Check the "Entertainer's Playlist" to view additional photos.

Caricature Artists